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About Us


In 1986, Nancy Hopper was one of the pioneers of a new form of interior design called interior staging.  The idea was that a furnished home will sell faster than an empty one.  And a tidy, well decorated home will sell for more money.  With this idea and a few pieces of furniture she started Set the Stage (then known as Accessories Plus).

Her business grew as staging gained wider acceptance in the real estate market.  And with every job she added a few pieces of furniture or furnishings to her inventory.  Soon her inventory exceeded the needs of her one-woman staging business.  So, she started renting pieces to fellow stagers.

In 2005, furniture rental became the primary focus of the business and Nancy’s emphasis changed from picking out furniture for specific homes to choosing current furniture styles for any home.  The same eye for design and attention to detail that made her a successful stager has made Set the Stage the premier home staging resource in Colorado.


Set the Stage is Colorado’s longest operating and largest home staging resource.  Our 30,000 square foot facility houses thousands of reasonably priced items.  Set the Stage has the largest collection of furniture, art and accessories in the state.  No matter how large or small the property is we have what it takes to help set your property apart from the rest.

Our entire focus is on providing the highest quality designer furniture and furnishings to professional stagers and real estate firms.  We attend several national furniture shows and continually refresh our selection with new items to make sure your homes have the look and feel that today’s buyers demand.

The Set the Stage team of full-time professionals works with stagers to furnish over 20 homes a week.  From furniture and accessories selection to packaging and delivery, our time-tested process is designed so you can concentrate on giving the home the perfect character, while we do the heavy lifting.

We rent everything you need to bring your vision to life.


Putting stagers first will continue to be our top priority.  The only thing we love more than renting furniture is working with passionate, creative people.  Our commitment is to continue to provide the largest selection of current furniture designs and accessories so you can create inviting spaces designed to get homes sold.

In addition to stocking the latest trends, we are embracing the opportunities that technology can bring to our industry.  Some areas we are looking into include:

  • We will be offering some frequently rented items for rent through our website.
  • We are in the process of implementing the use of iPads in our warehouse to streamline the selection process.
  • We are investigating how barcodes/RFID tags can be used to improve our inventory control and speed up the delivery process.
  • We are looking at online scheduling and order tracking systems for stagers.

Most importantly, we know that professional stagers need professional service.  We welcome your feedback on how we are doing today so that we can do better tomorrow.

Set the Stage will continue to be the place to go for all your staging needs.